Angelina Jolie’s Kids Allegedly Planning Intervention For Her Over Health Problems, Rumor Says


Is Angelina Jolie suffering from health problems? One report says her hands are deteriorating into “scary claws.” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Arthritis Nightmare’

Per the Globe, Angelina Jolie is apparently crippled by arthritis, leaving her friends and family worried about her health. According to the outlet, recent photos of the Hackers star showed her hands had slowly deformed into claws thanks to the incurable disease. It’s hardly the only problem she’s facing, a source says. At just 100 pounds, Jolie is also under increased stress from her slew of lawsuits with Brad Pitt.

The spy explains, “It’s quite shocking how spindly and veiny her hands are, with the knuckles knobby and the bones looking like they could snap in two.” Her friends reportedly think that the star will need a trip to hospital in the near future. Her children are desperate for her to change her approach to her health, the insider concludes, so they’re planning an intervention for the actress as soon as they can.

What’s Going On With Angelina Jolie?

Ponder what the Globe claims to know: Angelina Jolie’s exact weight, her medical history, how her friends feel, and what her children are planning to do. This would require spies in Jolie’s immediate family and inner circles, not to mention her doctors. None of these folks would ever talk to a trashy tabloid like this.

Even if Jolie’s kids were planning an intervention, which is a total fabrication, then Jolie obviously wouldn’t know about it. The tabloid is seriously acting as if it knows more about her personal life than she knows herself. This is comically absurd.

There’s nothing wrong with Jolie’s hands, and this story is nothing new. Outlets like the Enquirer have attacked her body nonstop for decades. Now that she’s north of 35, her hands are naturally going to get a bit veinier. That’s just part of aging.

There’s A Pattern When It Comes To Jolie

Even by the lofty standards applied to tabloids, the Globe’s coverage of Jolie is dehumanizing and wicked. It’s both bogusly promised romance with Tom Cruise and accused her of being a bad mother. Stories like this are heinous on their own but pale in comparison to the sheer volume of attacks on her appearance.

In 2020, it announced Jolie was starving herself to death. Back then, she was a “skeletal 90 pounds.” This means in the demented logic of this outlet, Jolie’s actually gaining weight. There’s no end to these potshots at her figure, and it just goes to show that you can’t win in Hollywood. Apparently, all women are either too thin or too large.

Angelina Jolie’s got enough on her plate that she doesn’t need to worry about some inane intervention. She looks the same now as she has for years, so why would her children suddenly take exception? The fundamental details of this story are utterly unbelievable and totally false.

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