Angelina Jolie’s Kids Allegedly Want Intervention Over Supposedly Concerning Appearance, Health Problems, Several Rumors Claim


Is it? Angelina Jolie’sHer shrinking physique is starting to concern her children. Rumor has it that fans and doctors alike are concerned for Jolie’s health. Let’s check in on the Eternals actress.

‘Skeletal’ Angelina Jolie Scaring Her Family?

In November, the National Enquirer reported Jolie was “paper-thin”He had lost 98 pounds. “Angie’s weight has reached the point where it’s scaring friends and loved ones,”Insider dish. “She barely touches food when she sits down to eat and she’s clearly not getting enough nutrients.” The outlet then consulted a medical professional who hadn’t treated Jolie that warned how malnutrition could lead to a variety of other health complications.

This story was immediately dismissed by us. We were skeptical of this story right away. “insiders” had any insight into Jolie’s lifestyle or diet. Many factors could explain her slim figure. Diet could not be a factor. Jolie was also overlooked by the magazine. AlwaysSlim. She doesn’t look drastically different than she did years ago, so we just couldn’t believe that anyone in her life was “scared”Her appearance.

Angelina Jolie’s Kids Planning An Intervention?

Then you can Globe shed a bit more light on the actress’ medical history, revealing that Jolie actually suffers from severe arthritis. One source observed Jolie’s hands, insisting that they were a tell-tale sign of the disease. “It’s quite shocking how spindly and veiny her hands are, with knuckles knobby and the bones looking like they could snap in two,”The tipster pointed out. Finally, the magazine revealed that Jolie’s children were begging their mother to change her lifestyle and take better care of herself.

We were skeptical that the tabloid’s disreputed source of information had the kind of insight they claimed. According to the report, this insider knew Jolie’s weight, her medical history, and the private feelings of both her friends and family. Obviously, no one’s getting access to her medical records and her children. Furthermore, there’s no real evidence that Jolie suffers from arthritis. Only one photo was available to the outlet as proof.

Alarm over ‘Skin-And-Bones’ Appearance?

The newest addition to this list is the Globe returned once again to raise red flags over Jolie’s health. This time, the magazine was hyper-focused on Jolie’s feet. During a recent outing, Jolie’s feet were exposed in a pair of sandals, and the outlet’s source was shocked by how frail they appeared. The insider speculated that Jolie was suffering from every health problem under the moon—from poor diet to osteoporosis. But finally, a physician warned that the biggest threat to Jolie’s health was her susceptibility to breaking bones.

Of course, this report didn’t seem any more genuine than the others. The magazine’s “insider”Jolie used crude language with no problems and was even called Jolie “gross.” And after taking a look at other paparazzi photos from the very same outing, our guess is that the lighting was the main thing to blame for Jolie’s pale appearance. Her feet look fine in other photos. Overall, it’s clear the magazine just wanted to criticize Jolie’s looks and never had any real concern for her well-being.