Angry Amber Gill says Jack Grealish is not interested in her and denies that she was ever in a relationship with him.


Amber Gill, Love Island winner has been left “angry”She spoke out about rumours that Jack Grealish, Manchester City’s star, is her boyfriend.

Gill denies the rumours. Gill was also linked to Inbetweeners star Emily Atack and Inbetweeners star Gill. Grealish is also in an ongoing relationship with Sasha Attwood.

According to Silver Screen BeatGrealish, Gill and Gill had been reunited several times in the last few months at hotels, including once in Leeds.

Silver Screen Beat claimed that Gill had also told a friend: “I’d like to get in touch with Emily and find out if there was any crossover.”

Gill now uses Instagram to deny the rumours. He posted the first time on Wednesday 0 and took aim at the rumours. “interview.”

Gill took to Instagram 'angry' with the reports
Amber Gill was ‘angry’ about the reports and took to Instagram

“After the headlines yesterday making it look like I had given an interview saying ‘I am the other, other woman’ I have received of abusive messages and DEATH threats,”Gill shared her thoughts on Instagram.

“I chose to ignore the headlines, but as the day went on I began to feel more and more angry and upset, and I’m not going to just ignore it because this behaviour needs to be challenged.

“These 2 false articles have made it easy for complete strangers (and worse, my life) to DM me with the most vile or intimidating things.

“Why?? Because they believe the complete rubbish written about me yesterday.

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Gill won Love Island 2019 alongside Greg O'Shea
Gill was crowned Love Island 2019 winner alongside Greg O’Shea

“So I’m not going to quietly ignore it.

“To be absolutely clear, I will say that I have never been an ‘other woman’ and I will never be one.

“And I would also never use the degrading term ‘other woman’ either (like we are collectable, trophies for men).

“It is amazing how quickly you forget about your OWN mental wellness campaign #BeKind

Grealish is currently out injured
Jack Grealish, Manchester City and England’s star footballer is currently injured

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Silver Screen Beat also stated that Grealish had been seen by Atack since they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

The pair reportedly met at Manchester’s five-star Lowry Hotel on October 18, before City’s clash with Club Brugge in the Champions League as Atack was touring nearby.

A source close to Atack told Silver Screen Beat: “Emily watched Jack in the Euros and thought he was fit.

“And for his part, Jack has been a fan of hers since she starred as Charlotte ‘Big Jugs’ Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners.”

Grealish has been linked to Inbetweeners star Atack
Jack Grealish was linked to Inbetweeners star Emily Atack

Grealish has been in a sexy relationship with Attwood, her childhood sweetheart, for the past ten years.

Attwood was reported to have been devastated by the news of Grealish’s and Atacks friendship last week.

Attwood was cheering Grealish for England at Wembley earlier in the day.

Silver Screen Beat reports that Grealish was given an ultimatum by Attwood.

Attwood is Grealish's childhood sweetheart
Jack Grealish’s childhood sweetheart is Sasha Attwood

Grealish is currently out with a knock and is not expected to play for City against Everton.

Pep Guardiola made Grealish England’s first £100million man over the summer when he signed the midfielder from Aston Villa.

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