Angry Birds: Police Call to Break Up Bald Eagle Street Fight


A Minnesota cop got a call he didn’t expect recently when he was summoned to break up a street fight between two bald eagles, UPI reported.

Bald eagles are reported to be endangered, but the attack on their own could drive their population to more dwindling numbers had the cop not stepped in.

Plymouth stated in a Facebook post, that Officer Mitch Martinson had responded to a complaint from a neighbor. “a report of two bald eagles stuck together on a Plymouth roadway.”

The Plymouth Police Department posted photos of the incident on Twitter.

Officer Martinson spoke with WCCO-TVHe stated that breaking up a fight between eagles was something he had never done before.

“We do have de-escalation tactics, but I’ve never applied them to eagles or other animals,”Martinson confirmed. Martinson said that he consulted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as well as the Raptor Center. They told him that the eagles were most likely involved in a territorial dispute.


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