Anita Corsini and Ken Corsini offer their key advice to up-and-coming flippers (Exclusive).


Atlanta Flip or FlopStars Anita Corsini & Ken Corsini are back with a reality competition series for HGTV. Flipping Showdown. The reality show features real estate moguls who offer renovators and flippers the chance to win $100,000 cash and the opportunity to grow and start their own real estate/flipping business. 

In six episodes, Corsini’s have invested more than $2,000,000 of their own money. Each team is responsible for three of the nine homes they build. 

Each team had to go through a rigorous casting process where the Corsini’s selected each individual for the show. The Corsinis are determined to help as many people as possible. There are many people who are eager to enter this lucrative business, but they are either hesitant or afraid.

Ken spoke with Pop Culture about the insufficient resources that Anita and he had when they started their business over a decade ago. He says that the world is now open to up-and-comers. “It’s funny. When we got started back in 2005, there were not nearly as many resources available in people as there are now,”He stated.

Ken states that the first step is to do your research. “There are a lot of resources out there in terms of helping people learn the business, educate themselves and figure out what part of the business they want to plug themselves into,”He pointed out. “I wrote a book last year that came out called Profit Like the Pros that specifically was geared towards people who were interested in the industry or might already be in the history and just covered a lot of different facets of the business. Because there’s a lot of different ways people can plug in and carve out a model for themselves. And we’ve written numerous blogs over the years as well. There’s, like I said, there’s a lot of great websites, a lot of resources where people can educate themselves even before deciding where and how to jump into the business.”

Anita also agreed and added, I would definitely say, you’re going to try to do this, do not start it blindly,”She spoke. “Do your research, find a mentor, partner with someone else who knows what they’re doing, you know.”

Anita says that newcomers can save time and effort by doing the right research. “You could really set yourself up for a lot of heartache if it’s not the right house for the right price and the right…There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes that go into it,”She said “And then the design plan and all… There’s a lot to it that people need to take into consideration before they just go, “Hey, I’m buying this house. Then I’m going flip it and make it sell.” There’s a little more to it than that.”