Anna Sorokin, a ‘Fake Heiress,’ shares details of NYC House Arrests


The woman who convinced people she was wealthy heiress is free and fighting to stay in the United States. Anna Sorokin, who spent 18 months in prison and was the subject of a Netflix documentary, tells Steven Fabian that she deserves another chance.

Inside Edition invited the convicted con artist to her tiny one-bedroom rental apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side after she was released from an immigration detention centre.

This is a far cry of the extravagant lifestyle she bought by cheating banks, hotels, and friends.

Sorokin is currently under house arrest while she waits for a hearing to deport her. An ankle bracelet watches her every move.

“Sometimes it vibrates, and I have to tap it to kind of indicate that I’m still here,”Sorokin stated. 

She is allowed to climb to the top and receive food deliveries. She is only allowed to leave the building during her scheduled appointments with her probation officer.

Sorokin speaks out about the hit Netflix series “Inventing Anna”: “If people enjoy it, good for them. I don’t take it personally or seriously.”

Sorokin is now trying make money selling artworks that she made in prison. As a consultant to the Netflix series, she was paid $320,000. But the money went directly to her victims.

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