Anne Heche, just hours before her Crash, took this photograph


Anne HecheAfter being involved in a car accident that resulted in her death, she passed away Friday. Many are still wondering what went wrong. This is a very tragic situation. Here’s what she was doing just hours before the crash.

An Anne Heche Refresher

With her name all over the news this week, it’s time for a refresher on who Heche was. She was a successful actress and soap star. Sarah Michelle Gellar starred with her in I’m sure you remember what you did last Summer. She was awarded an Emmy Award Another WorldHe was later nominated by Tony for Best Actor. Twentieth Century. Heche was also Ellen DeGeneres’ girlfriend before Portia de Rossi.

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Heche was very active until this tragic crash. She was currently working on seven projects, which included a recurring role in Weeknd’s HBO series. The Idol. Production was completed in July and it’s set to release later this year.

She went shopping

Heche had been out shopping just hours before the crash. Inquisitively, she went to Glass Hair Design in Los Angeles to purchase a red hair wig and pose for a photo.

These comments have become a sort of memorial. “This may be her last picture,”One commenter writes. “I truly hope not though!”Another thing that was rightly highlighted was how quickly everything happened. “Wow. How life changes so quickly.”

Questions about The Accident

Her appearance is being commented on by others. “She looks wasted,”One writes. Another user asks questions. “Did she seem under the influence?” It’s rude for commenters to have asked questions like this as she laid in a coma before being taken off life support, but questions are swirling over Whether or not Heche was actually under the influenceWhen she was in a car accident.

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The police obtained a warrant for Heche to give a blood sample for DUI testing. Heche was involved two crashes on August 5. Video footage shows her speeding through Los Angeles and almost crashing into pedestrians. The second crash caused her brain injury and engulfed her vehicle as well as a bystander’s home in flames.

Tragically, the crash took Heche’s life and completely ruined another. Heche was placed on life support until it was determined which organs of Heche were viable for donation. We are here for her family and the victim of the accident that claimed her home.

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