Anne Heche Reportedly in Need of “Miracle” Due to the “Terrible Condition” Caused By Fiery Crash


Anne Heche is reportedly in a dire situation and friends are praying she survives after her car crash on Friday. Close friends are worried that she will die. Inhalation of smokeOne source is all that matters. The Daily MailThursday, Heche will be in the “worst state you can imagine”Needs and requirements “miracle.” Heche crashed her car into a home in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood. She suffered severe burns as the car burst into flames and destroyed the home.

“She is in a terrible condition. The smoke inhalation is life-threatening,”Heche got the word from a friend. Mail. “It will be a miracle if she recovers from this and comes out of this coma.”Heche is needed, said a friend. “everyone’s prayers”And she is “in the worst state you can imagine.”

The Six Days, Seven NightsStar’s representative has not updated her on her condition since Monday. “She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention,”Her rep stated. “She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident.”

Police sources said that they received the information late Wednesday night. TMZHeche is being investigated for felony DUI. According to Officer Annie Hernandez, a spokesperson for the LAPD The Los Angeles Times A blood test showed that Heche was ingesting narcotics. Hernandez stated that Hernandez was unsure if Hernandez’s medication was narcotics.

To rule out hospital medication, a second blood sample will be taken at a later time. According to Jeff Lee, LAPD Public Information Officer Jeff Lee, the results of the second test can take up to three months. Heche would not be arrested until those results are available. The Times was told by a law enforcement source that Heche also had cocaine in his system at the time of the crash.

Lynne Mishele was the one renting the Mar Vista house Heche crashed into. Although she and her pets weren’t hurt, the home was destroyed. The neighbors were able to establish a GoFundMe page to help her, and have already raised over $133,000. Jennifer Durand, who is the owner of the house, said PEOPLEMishele told her about the crash.

“Lynne called me and asked me if I was sitting down, and then told me a car had crashed through the home and it was on fire,”Durand was recalled. “She could barely speak so it took a few minutes to really understand what was happening.”Durand later joined. “Nothing could have prepared me for what the house looked like.”

“Ms. Mishele is devastated by what happened to her on Friday – not only because she and her pets almost lost their lives, but because all of her property, including items of profound sentimental value, were destroyed,”Michele’s lawyer spoke for her PEOPLE. “She asks for privacy at this incredibly difficult time.”