Anne Heche under Investigation for DUI Hit and Run and Hit and Run after Slamming Car into Los Angeles Home


Anne Heche crashed into a Los Angeles home before hitting a garage in another incident. Video footage obtained from TMZ showed Anne Heche operating a vehicle that was backing up and then taking off with tires squealing. 

Heche then careened into a home and crashed through its entire length, according to witnesses who witnessed the incident firsthand. 

Heche’s Mini Cooper plowed into a home and then kept going, the car reportedly coming to a stop two feet from where the resident was sitting in a bedroom. 

“Lynne lives with her beautiful pups Bree and Rueban, and tortoise Marley in the Mar Vista home that was destroyed this week by a car driving into the home at a high rate of speed, catching the house on fire,” Lynne Mishele’s GoFundMe campaign can be viewed here. “Lynne and her family very narrowly escaped physical harm, and for that we are very, very grateful. The home, however, was completely burned.

“Lynne lost all her possessions, mementos and equipment throughout her life.” the GoFundMe page continued. “She was able, with the assistance of firefighters to rescue some damaged sentimental items from the rubble. Everything else is gone.”

After tackling a blaze caused by the crash, firefighters haul the battered, debris-covered car from the house. Heche was brought out on a gurney. 

Alec Baldwin, who starred with Heche in the 1996 movie “The Juror,” has come under fire for a video message he sent to Heche after the crash. “I hope everything is OK. I hope you come through this. My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry you had this tragic thing happen to you,” he said. 

“She put lives in danger,” one commenter wrote in response to Baldwin’s message.

“Thank God there weren’t any children playing in that garden,” another person replied. 

Heche is being investigated for misdemeanor DUI and hit and run in connection to the incident, LAPD Officer Annie Hernandez told CNN. According to one published report, a vodka bottle was found in Heche’s car. 

Officials told CNN that investigators are still waiting for results from the blood draw Heche had on the day of the accident. The case will be referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office once police complete their investigation, Hernandez said. 

Heche, who had suffered severe burns, was still being treated in a hospital as of Sunday. 


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