Anne Heche visited Salon, Purchased a Red Hair Wig 30 Minutes Prior to Fiery Crash. Stylist Says


Anne Heche, an actor, stopped at a Venice Beach haircut salon just 30 minutes before she was injured in a fiery crash.

Richard Glass snapped a photo with Heche after Heche bought a red hair wig at his salon. 

“She looked up top and said, ‘Hey, can I buy that red wig?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ So I went up to grab it for her, I told her, ‘It’s not cut or styled.’ She says, ‘No worries. I want it anyway,’” Glass said. 

Part of the wig appears to be visible in a photo of the car’s interior. A report claims that a vodka-filled bottle was also visible in the image.

Glass claims that Heche didn’t appear drunk or impaired when he visited her salon. 

“She wasn’t slurring her words. She had bright, beautiful, blue eyes. She was just a sweet girl,” Glass said. 

Glass continued his day at the salon after the encounter. The accident was not reported to Glass.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ and just started praying for all involved,” Glass said.

In the Friday crash, Heche careened into a Los Angeles house and crashed through the entire length of the home, according to neighbors first on the scene who recounted the incident to Inside Edition. 

Heche is being investigated for misdemeanor DUI and hit and run in connection to the incident, LAPD Officer Annie Hernandez said.

Heche’s condition is far worse than originally believed. According to her spokesperson, she is in critical condition and on a ventilator. Her burns will require “surgical intervention” and she has “a significant pulmonary injury.”

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