Anne Heche’s Tragic Death and Her 3 Siblings who Died Too Young


Actress Anne HecheA serious car accident caused her injuries. She is currently in a coma in extremely critical condition, but fans of the actress know that this is far from the first tragedy in Heche’s life. 

The Tragic Deaths Of Heche’s Father And Brother

Heche is the youngest among five children. As a child, her family struggled to survive. She was 13 when her father died from HIV/AIDS. Heche later said she believed the illness was caused by her father’s multiple affairs. 

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Just three months after the death of her father, Heche’s 18-year-old brother, Nathan, was killed in a car accident. Official reports state that Nathan fell asleep at his wheel and hit a tree. However, Heche insists that it was suicide. Cynthia, her sister, also died from a heart defect around the same period. 

The Death Of Heche’s Sister And Her Relationship With Her Remaining Sibling

Unfortunately, Heche’s family’s tragedies were not over. In 2006, Heche’s sister, Susan, died of brain cancer. The actress’ only remaining sibling is her sister Abigail, who is a jewelry designer. They were separated for nearly 20 years. Interview with the Daily TelegraphHeche stated that they had started to fix fences. “She came out to visit last week, and we’re having a wonderful time in our friendship as we’ve gotten closer,”The actress shared. “We’ve both put our stuff behind us.” 

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Heche ‘Not Expected To Survive’Fiery Crash

After her car accident, Heche is on life support. A representative said that Heche is unlikely to survive. Heche will be taken off life support soon, after it’s determined if her organs are viable for donation—Something she previously mentioned wanting to do. Friends and fans are sending their prayers and thoughts to her family and to the other victims of this accident. Who lost their home?she is currently attempting to rebuild her life.

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