Annie Lee Hampton, 66-Years-Old, May Be Found at the Bottom of an Arkansas Lake


This could be Annie Lee Hampton’s body? Volunteers believe that they have discovered the remains of Annie Lee Hampton, a 66 year-old Arkansas woman suffering from dementia who disappeared in 2019. 

A car that plunged into Bear Creek Lake in Marianna was found with human remains, according to the non-profit group. Adventurers With a PurposeThis was said in a Statement. The lake is approximately 30 feet deep and the car was located about 85 feet away from the boat ramp. 

The vehicle’s license plate and make matched Hampton’s missing car.

“At this point in time, we can also say Annie and her vehicle have been brought home,”Adventurers With Purpose volunteers said. Authorities and the group await autopsy results in order to confirm the findings. 

3.500 people were looking for the woman they affectionately called “Madame”. “Miss Annie”Since she was last seen in two-and a half years ago, the group explained. 

“Everybody in town knows her,”They said. “Some of the family members were also on scene as well.”

The volunteers with Adventurers With Purpose travel the country to solve cold cases and explained they usually start by searching in the closest body of water to a missing person’s home when they have no other leads.

They were able team up with local fishermen who used sonar technology to search the lake below freezing temperatures. 

“We’re very very thankful that Ms. Hampton’s family got the answers they need,”Another volunteer stated.