Anonymous Insider: Jerry Lee Lewis is Supposed to Have Big Plans Despite Stroke and Medical Problems


Is it? Jerry Lee LewisAre you planning a big comeback? According to one report the old rockstar will ignore medical advice and go back on the road. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Still Wild & Crazy At Ripe Age Of 86’

Per the Globe, Lewis isn’t going to let a 2019 stroke dictate his life. In spite of a loss of mobility, he’s apparently refusing to act his age. An insider says, “To him, he’s invincible.” Judith Brown, Lewis’ seventh wife, has become more of a nursemaid than a partner, a source claims, but Lewis often shoos her away so he can handle the chores himself.

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“He plays his piano every day and is writing new music and planning on recording a new album and going on the road with his band and wow the fans with a tour,”According to a source. A source claims that Lewis, while looking frail, is actually quite strong. “He won’t lay down and die. He won’t take orders from anyone and is feisty as hell.”

Lewis’ fans are ready to see him get back on the road, despite any scandals or medical issues that may have occurred in the past. The insider concludes: “To his fans, Jerry’s still that wild man of rock ‘n’ roll and he sees himself that way too.”

Is Jerry Lee Lewis on Tour?

Although Jerry Lee Lewis would love to go on tour, it doesn’t seem likely. This story keeps it relatively vague as to what Lewis is planning and there’s good reason for that: He’s not announced anything. There has not been any tour or album announcements.

Lewis was honored recently at the Country Music Hall of Fame. He required a To get around, use a walker, but it’s a good sign that he attended in person all the same. He said during the ceremony “I was wondering if they were ever going to induct me.” It sounds like Lewis was well aware of everything going on around him, so at least he’s got his wits about him.

Lewis hasn’t performed live since his stroke in 2019. He hasn’t performed live since his stroke in 2019. This footage can be seen in an upcoming Ethan Coen documentary. While it’d be nice to say the Globe is right on this one, there’s no sign that Lewis is making any big plans.

Tall Tales

This story reminds us of another one from the tabloid. It claimed that Robert Duvall would be ready to become a father at the age of 90 last year. When it’s not making outlandish claims like this, GlobeIt is often used to predict death for healthy people. Dick Van Dyke is still breathing at 96. Bob Barker remains healthy after being told they would die. These sources are not reliable and should be avoided.