Anonymous Insider Said George Clooney Claimed to Have To Take A Break From Amal This Year


Did George Clooney Amal ClooneyTake a vacation last year? Twelve months ago Gossip CopI was confronted with a story about George feeling smothered in his marriage. Let’s look back on that story to see if anything came of it.

George Clooney Needed a Break?

The following is the Globe, the Clooneys’ extended break stemmed from a lengthy lockdown. George was “ready to break free after being ‘grounded’ for so long,”According to a source. Amal apparently feared The Michael ClaytonStar could fall back into old bad habits while he was away. An insider claimed that George wanted to stay in Los Angeles for a while. “he’s talking about a break in Europe by himself.” To cap it all off, the tipster said that George’s real dream was to move into a London party palace.

The tabloid couldn’t keep its story straight. The tabloid acted simultaneously as if George had gone, but later it changed to state that he would be returning for awards season. Awards season was already going on, so that didn’t make sense. The whole story was meaningless without any travel logs.

George Did He Vacation by Himself?

A portion of the story was true, as George and Amal Clooney clearly had a desire to travel at dawn 2021. The story is bogus in every other way. The couple has done a great deal of traveling since this story came out, but they’ve done so together.

A few months later, the story was finally published. George and Amal Clooney took their first trip togetherIn two years, they will be back in Lake Como. They were thrilled to return, and Italy was pleased to have them. The family was back in October. George filmed while George was in Australia. Paradise Ticket. George was busy filming in Bali’s north. It would be great if Amal could make it to the set. The two were seen together on a trip to Washington DC this week. Amal has been visiting White HouseTo discuss the Ukrainian refugee problem. The power couple doubles as globetrotters, but they’re trotting together all the way.

And That’s Not All For The Clooneys

This outlet announced that George and Amal had been locked down, just a few months after they promised travel. This story about going on a vacation in quarantine hell was totally contrary to the earlier claim. But it was also false. It would later change its story once again to say George’s wanderlust lifestyle was destroying the marriage.

Amal obviously shares her husband’s passion for international escapades or they wouldn’t have lasted this long. This story is false because George and Amal remain happily married.

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