Anonymous Insider says Jennifer Aniston Was Spotted at the Dinner Reunion with Brad Pitt


Did Brad PittAndJennifer AnistonReconnect in Paris, France According to one magazine, the ex-spouses ate dinner in Paris together. Here’s the latest gossip about the tabloids’ favorite exes.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston ‘Spotted In Paris’?

This week Woman’s DayAccording to reports, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have finally reunited after their divorce in 2005. An unnamed source claims that the couple met in the city of love to share a meal. “riotous lunch turned into dinner.” While the former couple has put their romantic past behind them, sources say Aniston finally took up Pitt’s offer to rejoin Plan B, the production company they founded together in 2001.

“Jen and Brad are a creative team, always were,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “It’s been liberating teaming up again on new movie projects so it’s no surprise that having lunch did carry on into the evening. Brad thinks Jen’s a genius but in turn, she loves how his input adds testosterone to her writing.”Plan B is now adding a host of new projects to its docket. Beetlejuice 2. “It was a huge deal to rejoin Plan B, but she knows, whether it’s business or pleasure, she and Brad were always a winning team.”

Jennifer Aniston to Rejoin Plan B?

This story is nothing more than a bunch of new nonsense added to an older story we busted months before. In October Woman’s Day Reports indicate that Jennifer Aniston was back with Plan B productions. She was also reportedly collaborating for some projects with Brad Pitt. “steamy late-night scriptwriting sessions.”This story was completely false. Pitt has been at the helm of Plan B since the divorce from Aniston, and it doesn’t look like Aniston has any intention of returning.

Also, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Aniston and Pitt met in Paris. While it’s true that they were both in the city earlier this month, they were there for their own separate reasons. Aniston was there for filming Murder Mystery 2The fast-paced film was shot in Hawaii and Europe. And while we aren’t certain what exactly brought the Troy Actor to Paris Pitt paid visits to the Eiffel tower and an art exhibit. So, it’s safe to say that his trip wasn’t related to Aniston.

The Tabloid on Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

These past months have been a challenging time for many. Woman’s Day He has been pushing for a Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunion. After reporting that Aniston had rejoined Plan B productions the outlet said Pitt flew from Hawaii to visit Aniston for her birthday. And last week’s edition of the magazine claimed Aniston was supporting Pitt through his painful separation from Jolie while they were both in Paris. Obviously, Woman’s Day Readers are desperate to believe that Aniston and Pitt are rekindling their spark, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to support this belief.

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