Anonymous Insider says Mariah Carey is furious with Nick Cannon over Parenting Concerns and Multiple Babies


Is it? Mariah CareyWe urge Nick Cannonto play a greater role in their children’s education? One tabloid claims the pop star is struggling to explain Cannon’s wild behavior to their kids. Let’s check in on Cannon’s growing family.

Mariah Carey Tells Nick Cannon To ‘Step Up’?

The latest edition Star reports Mariah Carey wasn’t happy to hear Nick Cannon has yet another baby on the way. Cannon, who is currently expecting a baby in the future with Bre Tiesi (model), will make this his eighth child among five women. Cannon was recently declared monogamy “not healthy”On the “Language of Love”Podcast, but sources suggest that his ex-wife would not agree.

“Mariah read him the riot act,”Insider recipes “She told him, ‘Is this the message you’re sending our children, that it isn’t healthy to fall in love and be faithful to one person?” The source adds that Cannon and Mariah’s 11-year-old twins know about their various half-siblings, but they’re still trying to get a grasp of the situation. “Mariah tells them their dad’s situation is not normal,”The tipster trusts. “That different people live their lives in different ways. It’s a tricky situation!”

Carey confronts Cannon

While we can’t say one way or another if Mariah Carey approves of Nick Cannon’s behavior, we aren’t buying this tabloid’s story. First of all, no one truly close to the Carey-Cannon clan would spill their personal information to a tabloid — especially on matters as personal as their children.

But if we’re looking at testimonies from anonymous sources, it’s worth noting That an insider told Us Weekly that Everything was fine between Carey & Cannon. “Mariah and Nick are really great coparents and have a good relationship [and] friendship now so any time Nick has exciting news to share, she’s just happy for him,”The tipster explained. “They’re in a good place and they’re supportive of each other no matter what.”

Of course, we can’t verify this source’s testimony. But it just goes to show that there’s no shortage of gossip surrounding Carey and Cannon’s co-parenting relationship. We trust that Carey and Cannon want the best for their children. And since there’s isn’t any evidence to substantiate any rumors of tension, it’s safe to just dismiss this story altogether.

The Tabloids on Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

This isn’t the first tabloid that accuses Carey and Cannon for bickering over their children. Last summer, Woman’s Day Carey claimed that Cannon was to be fired. “get a vasectomy.”Next Neue Idea Carey claimed she confronted Cannon about Cannon’s womanizing ways and expressed concern for their children’s welfare. Of course, neither story turned out to hold any genuine insights into the former couple, so we’re guessing this latest report is no different.

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