Anonymous source claims Matt Damon’s friends are afraid of him getting divorced.


Did Matt Damon get divorced? We investigated a story 12 months ago about the Talented Mr. RipleySplit from star Luciana Barroso. Let’s check back in on them to see what was going on.

‘Matt & Luciana: Over?’

According to StarAfter 15 years of being together, Damon and Barroso were at the end. The Good Will HuntingStar was seen publicly twice without his wedding band on. Damon, according to a source, was seen twice without his wedding ring. “opting to go ring-less in public is likely a sign of things to come.” Friends were also apparently concerned about Damon’s boozing, as well. An insider claimed that “Their marriage is a long way from perfect.”

This story was busted because we didn’t have enough evidence. Damon was seen carrying a bag used for alcohol. It was not booze, and the story was obviously false. Since wedding rings don’t hold any mythical binding qualities, we debunked the story.

Are They Still Together?

Yup! Unsurprisingly, Matt Damon and Luciana Barrroso are still married one-year later. They are still married one year later. Together we attended the Super Bowl. Damon was drinking some Stella Artois at the game right beside his wife, so she can’t be too bothered by that. The ring that he wore as his wedding band was also on display. It’s amazing how this entire story can be debunked with just one photo.

Damon and Barroso have been spotted regularly on lunch dates so the story wasn’t that unbelievable. There’s a paradox with tabloids where the more private a couple is, the easier target they become. Damon and Barroso were quietly married in 2005. Neither have a large social media presence. For some reason, this opens them up to articles of doubt, but they’re as stable as ever.

As clueless as ever

Star is obsessed with Damon’s drinking habits. In 2019, it claimed Damon and Ben Affleck were growing apart because of Affleck’s sobriety. The mere existence The Last DuelThis rumor has been put to rest. It’s also targeted Damon’s marriage before too. Gossip CopIts story about a trip to Australia that saved a marriage was debunked.

They had a great trip to Australia. Damon was there to help them prepare. Thor: Love and Thunder. It was nothing to do with an ailing marriage. Damon and Barroso will be entering 17 years of marriage, so everything is fine at home. You shouldn’t expect StarTo accurately report any information about Matt Damon.

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