Anonymous Source Says Kim Kardashian’s Apparently In ‘Divorce Hell’ After Kanye West’s Latest Move


Is it? Kim KardashianWhat is the solution to this divorce nightmare? According to one report, the ongoing problems between Kanye WestKardashian and his legal counsel drive him up the wall. Here’s what we know.

‘Kim’s Divorce Nightmare’

According to Life & Style, West’s latest dismissal of his fourth lawyer is making life horrible for Kardashian. West’s latest attorney Samantha Spector filed to be relieved of her duties last month, which is apparently a nightmare for Kardashian. She’s unable to move on financially until her divorce is settled.

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“Kanye is very particular,”A source said, “and if he feels one thing is off with one of his lawyers, or they don’t meet one of his impossible demands, he’s not happy. The dynamic immediately changes, and they usually quit or get fired.”West is said to be constantly changing his desires and demands.

Tensions seemed less intense in March, when West claimed that West was asking for lawyers. “expedite the dissolution of my marriage,” but now he’s left with an out-of-state attorney who specializes in corporate contracts. The insider’s conclusion “Kim believes the latest lawyer exit is just another way of Kanye trying to delay things… it’s as if he doesn’t want her to be happy. Kim’s trapped in divorce hell.”

What’s Kim Kardashian Really Doing?

Are you familiar with Kim Kardashian? It seems like every other day there’s a new headline about her Pete Davidson: Falling in love. Source: Just this week PeopleThe reputable source is far better than the tabloid. “Kim is head over heels. She can’t get enough of Pete. He treats her so well.”They also added “She is the happiest.”

Is this how you would describe someone who is trapped in marital hell? While West’s constant dismissal of lawyers is certainly a headache, that’s far worse for West than for Kardashian. It could actually help her case, as she pushes and pulls for what she wants. Hollywood divorces can often drag on for years, but it seems like Kardashian isn’t letting it bother all that much.

There’s Other Kardashian Gossip

A year ago, this tabloid announced that Kardashian was planning to marry Van Jones. That was a wild story considering the two weren’t even dating. A few months later, Life & StyleKardashian and West claimed they were calling it all off. They didn’t do that.

This tabloid attempted to use Davidson recently to create drama between Kris Jenner and Kardashian. The “Meddling Momager”It seems that she is on the same page with her daughter. This was also false. With a track record this lousy, it’s impossible to believe a word this tabloid has to say.