Anonymous Source: Will Smith Allegedly Furious About Jada’s Closeness with an Actor


Are You Will SmithAnd Jada Pinkett SmithFighting over friendship? One report says Will doesn’t like seeing his wife pal around with one star in particular. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Feud Over His Wife!’

The following is an extract from the GlobeWill is upset that Jada has been seen with Queen Latifah. Both are close friends and have collaborated since their teens. However, Latifah’s presence is apparently rubbing Will the wrong way. A source says, “Latifah has no time for Will and thinks Jada is too good for him… she’s encouraging Jada to do what she wants regardless of how Will feels.”

“Will feels like a third wheel,” the insider adds, arguing that the Smiths’ marriage has been hanging by a thread ever since the affair with August Alsina. The source says that they were doing much better before Latifah returned. “Will thought they were finally heading in the right direction—until Latifah started butting in.”

What’s Going On With The Smiths?

What does Queen Latifah’s sexuality have to do with anything? The Globe pointedly calls Latifah Jada’s “lesbian pal” in the article, as if to stoke gay panic or the idea that Jada’s having an affair with her. Gossip CopIt has never been used to refer to any woman in the same way as a “woman” “straight pal,”This is all you need to know. This story is only possible because Latifah came out publicly at the BET Awards last years and this outlet is trying to find a hateful angle.

Latifah promoted Girls TripJada was her co-star. She sang Will’s praises alongside her. He was instrumental in Latifah’s first role on the show. Bel-Air: The Fresh Prince

“Anytime I want to do something or try something, Will is on it. It’s incredible.”Jada is a friend of Jada and Will for thirty years. It’s insulting to suggest Will would suddenly resent Latifah when there’s obviously respect and admiration going every which way. It is absurd to suggest that Latifah might be trying to split Will and Jada PinkettSmith.

Stories of Baseless Smith

In May last year, GlobeThe Smiths claimed they would be getting a $270 million divorce. They did not. It doubled down in December and stated that Will was still trapped in the marriage under threat of secret-spilling. Will’s rich enough to afford a divorce, and both have made it clear they do not want to break up.

The tabloid doesn’t respect the couple and calls the Smiths a sham family. Although the couple have an unusual relationship, which is based on Alsina entanglement and their marriage is still solid.

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