Anonymous Sources Say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Forced to Leave UK, Supposedly After Visit


When Prince Harry Meghan MarkleWhen the couple arrived in the United States, millions wondered how they would make it through the day. Rumours circulated about the duo being cut off by the royal family, and the need for them to return home. Stories persist that the Sussexes are in dire financial straits even a year after they left the United Kingdom. Let’s review the most recent stories about Harry, Markle, and their allegedly empty wallets.

Prince Harry’s Huge Mistake

According to Woman’s DayPrince Harry regrets moving after returning from the Platinum Jubilee. Prince Harry returned to a house that needed too much work. “Netflix and Spotify are baying for content to fulfill his and Meghan’s contract and his publisher has ordered rewrites of his memoir,”Insiders say. “Harry has bitten off rather more than he can chew and if the past month is anything to go by, he can no longer fall back on royal support.”

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Harry has not publicly expressed any regret. In fact, the reverse is true. Harry seems happier than ever in California. They have multiple income streams and diversified assets, so they’re not strapped for cash either. They appear to be secure because they have content still coming out on both platforms. This story is a fabrication.

Meghan Markle’s Going Broke

According to Star, Markle and Harry’s greed was proving to be their downfall. The two’s megabucks deals with Spotify and Netflix were in question as they’ve failed to produce much content. “Harry and Meghan left the monarchy to become superstars, but nothing is going according to plan and now they’re scrambling to stay relevant,”Insiders say. “They are in dire straits.”Prince Charles seemed to be willing to support them financially but only if they played ball and came to the United Kingdom more often.

In reality, Charles cut his son off long ago, and they’ve managed to buy a mansion without his money. As we’ve pointed out so many times, Harry and Markle are doing very well financially. Their portfolio is only expanding, and they’re still making money while they make content for the streaming giants.

Why The Sussexes’ Trip Was Humiliating

The National Enquirer called Markle and Harry’s trip a total failure. The duo were booed at public appearances by senior royals and received little fanfare at the Platinum Jubilee. A source said that the insiders claimed this. “They were totally humiliated.” The biggest snub supposedly came from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s refusal to even meet Lilibet Diana.

While the Cambridges intransigence regarding their niece is a terrible look, it doesn’t reflect poorly on the Sussexes at all. Harry and Markle knew that they wouldn’t be the focal point of attention at Platinum Jubilee so they shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Everything went according to plan. The most important thing was that Lilibet met Queen Elizabeth, her nameake. These tabloids are desperate for a clue.