‘Another Life’ Star Katee Sackhoff Marries Robin Gadsby.


From Another Life To married life! Katee Sackhoff stars in the Netflix sci-fi series. She just walked down with Robin Gadsby as a production assistant.

Katee Instagram announced the news. On Oct. 4, she shared a photo of her wedding gown hanging next to a bottle of wine. “Tell me you had an amazing wedding without telling me you had an amazing wedding,” She wrote the following: she added the hashtag #MrsGadsby to the post and tagged Robin. (The wine, she added, was her father’s contribution.)

Robin shared a Wednesday wedding photo on Oct. 13. It was a black-and-white portrait of Katee smiling as they walked down the street hand in hand. “I now have two priorities in life,” Robin captioned this pic. “1. Make sure she doesn’t get hit by cars. 2. Keep her laughing like this as much as humanly possible.”

Katee explained the You InsidePodcast this January, and Robin met her through her work Another Life. She told Michael Rosenbaum that Robin was a writer looking for a way to get back into the film business. He had a friend who helped him. Another LifeSo he became a production assistant at Netflix.

“He took a low-level position on our production to get himself out of managing a bar and writing during the day,” She spoke. “It was a cycle that he wasn’t excited about. He was working all night and trying to write during the day. It was not the healthiest thing, so he took this job to have a normal life and normal hours.”

Katee met Robin and thought he would be a rebound — she had gotten out of a relationship that “ended so terribly” nine months prior — but soon, the future spouses became best friends and “got to know each other on a deeper level,” She spoke.

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