Another Victim Shares Their Story After Rapist Gets Sentenced To Probation, But No Jail.


Another young woman is coming forward to denounce a judge’s ruling allowing her attacker to walk out without serving a single day in jail.

“He ruined me for a very long time,”Jane Doe, a 19-year-old college student, said it. “I actually threw up the last three days consecutively. I’ve lost four pounds, because I’ve been so physically ill from anxiety and disgust.”

Christopher Belter (20) pleaded guilty in rape and sexual abuse of four teenage girls at parties held at his family’s New York home. After securing eight years probation for Belter, Judge Matthew Murphy caused a stir in the nation. However, he did not sentence him to jail.

Jane Doe was 15 and best friends with Belter’s sister at the time of the assault. Belter was rumored to have drugged Jane Doe while they were visiting his home.

“At one point, Christopher asked me if I was OK while I was crying, and I said ‘No,’ and he continued to sexually abuse me,”Jane Doe stated.

Her story is strikingly similar to the of another victim identified by her initials. “M.M.”Inside Edition was contacted by Jeremy, who spoke to Inside Edition on Thursday.

“This wasn’t a party house case. This was a house of sexual assault,” M.M. said.

Belter’s mother and stepfather face criminal complaints for allegedly supplying alcohol and marijuana to underaged teens. They’ve pleaded not guilty.

“The parents would throw parties and sit in the kitchen and drink with us,”Jane Doe stated.

“His mother is just as guilty as he is. She collected girls for him to play with like dolls,” M.M. said.

Jane Doe also had a tearful message to Belter, saying, “I know that you took so many pieces of me with you when you attacked me. But I’m not your victim anymore and I’m your survivor.”

Belter is expected to be back in court next month to determine if he’ll register as a level one, two or three sex offender.

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