Anthony Bourdain was surrounded by Chaos. Details of a new book, ‘At all Times’. New book reveals text messages from the late chef to his girlfriend


The new book about the life and times of Anthony Bourdain, which includes never-before-seen text messages, reveals the shocking downward spiral he was reported to have entered just before his death.

Bourdain plunged into a downward spiral after Argento was captured in an embrace with a French journalist a few days before his shocking suicide.

“I am not jealous that you have been with another man,”Bourdain text Argento. “I do not own you. You are free. As I said. As I promised. As I truly meant. But you were careless. You were reckless with my heart. My life.”

Charles Leerhsen, author of the explosive text in his new book, reveals. “Down and Out in Paradise: The Life of Anthony Bourdain.”

“I think that had everything to do with his despair and his feeling what I call that exquisite misery that he got in the end,” Leerhsen said of Bourdain’s unrequited love for Argento.

Argento was contacted by the celebrity chef just hours before he took his own life at a French restaurant in 2018.

“Is there anything I can do?”He asked.

“Stop busting my b****,” Argento wrote.

“OK,”Bourdain replied to his message.

“Why someone goes from that point, from despair to self-destruction is a mystery I don’t think we’ll ever know. that was his decision not hers,” Leerhsen said.

Leerhsen says that Bourdain was exhausted from travelling the world and had struggled with drugs.

“On top of that, he was ingesting huge amounts of alcohol, which is a substance that will tire you out further, so he was in an exhausted state,”He stated. “He thought his life was hopeless and he chose what’s often known as a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

An excerpt from Leerhsen’s book can be read below:

“He was arguably one of the most famous people in the world. Yet over his last two years, Bourdain pushed people away or let long-running relationships lapse until in the end there was no one left in his life to play

the role of Person Who Plans Your Funeral–or at least no one except a woman whom none of his friends or family would speak to, or even speak about, and who would in any case not be up to the task of organizing a proper send-off. Meanwhile, because he was after all, Tony Bourdain, he still had the respect, at least, of all who knew him and the love of almost a whole wide world full of people who felt like they did. ‘There was chaos swirling around him at all times,’ a member of TV crew said, referring to his 250-days-a-year-on-the-road lifestyle. ‘But on and off camera Tony lived a magical journey.’”

Contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 to talk to someone who is thinking about suicide.



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