Anti-Vaxxer Teacher Gets Kicked Off Kidney Transplants, Says He’d “Rather Die” Than Get Vaccine


Another person whose lives depend on vaccinations is Shamgar Connors. He said he would rather die than get vaccinated. Shamgar Connors is a middle school teacher. Virginia with stage five kidney disease.

He’s on dialysis for 12 hours a day and needs a kidney transplant to survive.

However, the University of Virginia Hospital system is telling him that without the vaccine, he can’t get the transplant.

“I’d rather die of kidney failure than get the vaccine,”Shamgar spoke to his doctor via phone.

He doubled down on the decision in an interview with Inside Edition. 

“I just wanted to make it very clear that yeah, ultimately, if that’s the hard choice that has to be made, I’m never getting this vaccine. Never. I don’t care what they say, what anyone says. I’m not doing it,”Shamgar spoke.

Shamgar is the father of two children. His wife Lauren, who is a nurse, also anti-vaxxer.

“I’m fighting this battle not just for myself, but for everyone, even the people who disagree with me. Because what they don’t understand is today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you,”He continued.

American hospitals insist that all transplant patients be fully vaccinated prior to surgery. 

If they refuse to be vaccinated, desperate patients will be taken off transplant lists. Vaccinated patients have a better chance of survival, so they’re given priority. 

Michele Vitullo was due to undergo a lifesaving liver transplant at Cleveland Clinic. Angela, her daughter, was willing to donate her liver. However, the operation was cancelled after both Angela and Angela refused to get vaccinated. She is now dead.

Social media disinformation was a major factor in the anti vax movement. Only 12 individuals were responsible for nearly two thirds of misinformation online, according to a study.