Antonio Banderas Epic Leaves Paramount+


Antonio Banderas’ greatest action roles ever just left the Paramount+Catalog shortly after arrival. The streamer stated that The Legend of Zorro It was due to close its movie section by May 1st, and it has now closed. Fans of the swashbuckling, masked vigilante will have to search elsewhere for their entertainment.

The Legend of Zorro It is Banderas’ second appearance as the 19th century hero. The Mask of Zorro. Banderas plays the role of a young man who takes over the title Zorro from his predecessor. Catherine Zeta Jones plays the role of Zorro’s daughter and wife, but her name is changed throughout the film.

These movies are a treasure trove of obscure North American history, with many fictitious elements for dramatic effect. They start in 1821 when Anthony Hopkins plays the previous man to hold the mantle of Zorro – a Spanish-born nobleman named Don Diego de la Vega. He fights anonymously during the Mexican War of Independence. But he makes many enemies and is eventually jailed. He escapes twenty years later, and finds Alejandro Murrietta as a friend. Together, they plot and train their revenge.

They take revenge and Alejandro, Diego’s estranged son, plays Zorro. Nine years later, in 1850, the sequel begins. California is at the moment voting on whether or no to join America. Murrieta, who moonlights as Zorro, is now known by the name Don Alejandro De La Vega.

This movie uses a mixture of action tropes from war movies, westerns and adventure stories. The movie has some interesting history, which is confusingly mixed in with fiction in such a way as to make it difficult for average viewers to understand. However, it will appeal to those who enjoy reading stories set in 19th-century settings.

Some fans believed that Banderas or Zeta Jones would be the ones leading the charge. Zorro However, that did not happen. Banderas might be reprising his role, but it’s possible that this will be in a shady way. In 2019, we are backQuentin Tarantino started work on a crossover between his films. Django UnchainedAnd the Zorro Movies, with Jerrod Carmichael (standup comedian) co-writing the script. This project is currently in active development.

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