Antonio Brown Declares That He Will Sue Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Antonio Brown is ready and available to represent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in court. Sean Burstyn, the former Buccaneers wide receiver, and Brown’s attorney appeared on HBO.Bryant Gumbel – Real SportsThey plan to sue the team for not releasing him, after he claimed he was too hurt to play against New York Jets earlier in the month. Brown had left the game while both teams were still playing.

Burstyn said on Bryant Gumbel – Real SportsThey will seek money from Brown’s ankle operation and money that they feel is his due to the NFL collective bargaining arrangement. “Antonio was defamed by this spin that he had a mental health episode that makes him someone who’s not reliable to do a good job on the field,” Per ESPN, Burstyn stated.. “So we’re pursuing internally all of our rights under the CBA and considering them and maybe stepping outside of the CBA.

“All options are available. We will hold accountable the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bruce Arians. They will be held responsible.”  

When asked how much money they were seeking, Brown said, “You can spend a lot. It’s a lot.” Brown also said the Buccaneers disrespected him when they questioned his mental health. “You know it is cruel and unfortunate to try and drag people along and affect their mental health.” Brown explained. 

Before the episode aired, a clip was released and showed Brown saying the Buccaneers offered him $200,000 to seek mental health treatment. “”These guys from the Tampa Bay Bucs tried and made an agreement to me to give them $200,000 to go the crazy house so that these guys could appear like they knew what they were talking about,” Brown stated.

Brown was with Buccaneers almost two seasons. Brown signed with the team in 2020, and helped the team win last season’s Super Bowl. Brown played for the New England Patriots (Oak Raiders), Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelers) and was traded or let go by every team.