Anya Taylor-Joy Wrestled Cara Delevingne In Jell-O Wearing Onesie After Emmys


Queen’s GambitStar Anya Taylor-JoyWith the help of her friend model, she celebrated her Emmys night in a new way Cara Delevingne. Two stunning women changed into their formal wear and donned oneies, before they wrestled each other in a pool Jell-O. Taylor-Joy described it as “a hilarious match.” “ridiculous” activity she’s “always wanted to do.”We were able to see the hilarious match-up thanks to the photo that Delevingne uploaded. 

In a recent episode Ellen Degeneres ShowAnya Taylor-Joy told the comedian that she used a unique method to deal with stress from the awards shows. 

“Award shows are frightening,” Taylor-Joy told Ellen Degeneres. “They’re really wonderful, but it’s just not really what I do everyday, so I made a rule that whenever I do something that’s scary, I get to do something ridiculous that I’ve always wanted to do.”This, it seems, was the meaning of Queen’s GambitActress got to wrestle in Jell-O. 

The experience wasn’t quite what she’d expected, Taylor-Joy confessed to the daytime talk show host. According to Taylor-Joy, the Jell-O fight was a “fight for your life.” “cold and green. Surprisingly hard.”She also said that both the activity, and the jiggly desert were excellent. “harder than I thought it was going to be.”Taylor-Joy also thought the match was very different. 

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“It’s very slippery and it’s quite slow,” she described. “It’s almost like Tai Chi.”It almost sounds relaxing. Taylor-Joy chose Cara Delevingne, her friend in wrestling, to be her partner. This was sure to bring some joy. Both leading ladies wore the same outfits These are the cutest onesies

Delevingne was wearing a green ensemble while she leaned against Taylor-Joy and stuck her tongue out. Taylor-Joy, meanwhile, rocked a Tigger onesie and was clearly giggling at Delevingne’s antics. They clearly had a great time together. What’s more fun than a bit of Jell-O wrestling between gal pals, after all?