Apprentice star Navid Sole’s millionaire parents and ‘embarrassing’appearance on Rich Kids Go Skint


Candidat on The Apprentice Navid Solle had a fascinating start to life. He made a few TV appearances before appearing on the hit BBC program.

He’s already a favorite for his quirks, and has had a few laughs with his catchphrase “Est”.

Navid said: “I am the Est of everything, which means I’m the cool-est, smart-est and wicked-est in business.”

Fans quickly pointed out that he was using the phrase from WWE star Bianca Belair.

The Londoner was a bit snarky and denied it: “I’m really getting so peed off by some of the comments that I took the EST from a WWE superstar. I did not know that EST was used by WWE superstar.

“It’s my thing to always claim that I’m the coolest.

Navid is the 'cool-est' character on this year's show
Navid is this year’s ‘coolest’ character

Navid may be able to use some of his TV skills and quirks to help him stand out among the other candidates.

He is also known as “The Man” and has been shown on television before.

Navid Sole, star of The Apprentice, is who?

Navid is used to the bright lights of TV
Navid is used the bright lights of TV

Navid, now 27, was once an aspiring rapper hailing from North London. After being called an anti-vaxxer by his friends, he issued a statement.

It seems that the controversy stemmed from his love of Nicki, as a tweet from his account appeared to praise Nicki Minaj for standing up for the anti vax community. After the American rapper made misleading statements about Covid measures to her fans, this was his response.

Since then, many have claimed Navid isn’t vaccinated. The issue was addressed by an Instagram Live for fans on Friday January 7.

Navid stated: “Let me make this really clear – I have been double vaccinated.

“I actually had the Johnsons vaccination. I believe I was vaccinated ages ago. “I just wanted to rectify that.”

Navid Sole, the Apprentice star, has made previous TV appearances

Navid's lavish lifestyle led him to appear on Rich Kids Go Skint
Navid’s luxurious lifestyle led him to appear in Rich Kids Go Skint

Navid also appeared on The Apprentice before appearing on Judge Rinder 2018 and Eating With My Ex (2018).

Navid was shocked to learn that his ex-girlfriend didn’t consider him her boyfriend on Eating With My Ex

The candidate grew-up in a wealthy home and was accustomed to first-class flights to stunning locations and luxurious hotels while wearing Versace.

This led to him appearing on Channel 5’s Rich Kids Go Skint 2019.

Navid, Shawn and Simone moved briefly to a West London house on the show. There, Navid learned about living in a tight budget.

Queen was also shocked to discover that Navid, who is normally accompanied by a maid of honor, didn’t know how to use the colander.

Queen joked: “I must say I have never met anyone that doesn’t know what a colander is, I’ll try and not baffle him with science later when it gets to the rice cooker and grater.”

Navid seemed to learn a lot, particularly when Queen explained how the Grenfell tragedy had affected the community.

Navid said: “Hearing that kind of story and knowing how many people suffered from that. Words can’t really describe the emotion that someone will be going through.

“I’ve really learned a lot, like cleaning the plates was a bit difficult for me but cooking I really enjoyed.”