Archaeologists Find Woolly Mammoth Remains in England


The tusk of a woolly mammoth, a large creature from the Ice Age, was discovered in England near Plymouth.

The Ice Age dates back around 30,000 to 60,000 years ago, and the current construction in the area has uncovered remains from different types of animals, including bison, wolves, and hyenas.

“There are once in a lifetime discovery. These sorts of things are not found very often,” said Rob Bourn, archaeologist and co-founder, Orion Heritage.

After the artifacts have been analyzed, they will stay at the Box Museum.

“These pieces are amazing and incredible because there’s so many almost complete animals represented,” said Fiona Pitt, curator at the Box.

“This is definitely a nationally significant collection and has international significance at some levels as well.” 

Due to the findings, the construction-site builders have agreed to discontinue their work in the area and seal it off for conservation.


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