Are Stan and Lisa Still Together from ‘Love After Lockup?


Here is where things can get a little confusing. Lockup and LoveHas a spinoff called Love After Lockup: The Life After Lockup This was an extension to Season 2 of Lockup and Love. Are you following along? If you are not, we don’t blame. Each individual is basically the same. The Life After LockupSeason features a mixture of couples from the past and new couples Lockup and Loveseason. Stan and Lisa turned it into a season. Life after Lockup This is where they’ll catch us up.

Our May December couple is having a difficult time. Lisa suspects Stan may be paying women for sex. Given their relationship, Lisa has good reasons to believe this. Stan was shocked when Lisa reminded him of the website that they had used to connect. Lisa shouted back at him. “You paid me for sex before. Be honest with yourself.”

Lisa created a fake account to catfish Stan. After messaging Stan as her fake persona, Lisa asks Stan about his day, even though she knew he was just chatting with someone else. “another woman.”Stan and Lisa have a state conversation after Lisa admits that she is this lady. Stan apologizes to Lisa and agrees to stay together.

We’ll just have to keep watching if their relationship can stand the test of time.

The Life After Lockup We TV broadcasts Fridays at 10:05 EST.

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