Are Thieves Targeting Nashville Bachelorette Parties?


The music city is the best place to have bachelorette parties. There are many photos of brides-to be and their friends celebrating Nashville, Tennessee on social media. 

Inside Edition discovered that burglars target apartments and houses rented by bachelorettes at night.

Some brides even warn others to stay away from Nashville after their properties were broken into in what they believe are targeted attacks.

Cassidy Mathes rented an apartment in east Nashville with her friends, all of whom hail from Cincinnati. After decorating, they dressed up in vintage wedding gowns and went out for a night on Broadway.

Ring video shows them on their way out, but just one hour later, several trucks arrived and two men entered. About one minute later, the thieves returned with their loot.

The bachelorettes claim that they lost $10,000 in the burglary.

“We’re walking in with suitcases and suitcases of nice clothes and jewelry and valuables. The second we leave, they make their move. It’s very calculated, it’s very much thought out,”One woman stated.

Mathes’ mom was with the girls that night and says she’s still in shock.

“It was horrible. It was horrible. I was just in total disbelief. I could not believe that this was really happening,”She spoke.

The person who rented the house to them says he fully refunded the group’s fees and installed new locks the very next day following the break-in.

Michelle Johnson, a Texas bride, and Monica Johnson, her sister, say that they returned home to find their Nashville rental house’s door smashed and the burglar still inside.

“I was terrified because I felt very responsible for the girls. My biggest concern was getting everybody away from the house as much as we could,” Monica said.

The women didn’t know that police responded to 13 additional burglaries at the same rental property in the past year and a quarter. They have not yet made an arrest in this case.

“There’s no followup, so I’m sure that person could do it again and get away with it just as easy as they did,”Johnson stated.

Metro Nashville Police Department states that Nashville is safe. They remind visitors to lock their doors and keep their guard up.

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