Are You Looking for the Shirtless Saxophone player from ‘The Lost Boys’?


The Lost BoysIt is perhaps best remembered as the greatest opus of all time. Joel Schumacher. The film, which was directed by a teenager vampire director, was hugely influential and featured a well-known cast. He was not known for his acting, but rather for his enthusiasm and sheer energy. Let’s learn about the shirtless, bodybuilding sax player Tim CappelloHe is remembered for his remarkable impact on film history.

A Stacked Cast for ‘The Lost Boys’

The Lost BoysIt was originally written by Richard Donner in 1985. He had initially planned to direct a vampire-version. The Goonies. Schumacher was given the project after he got distracted. He did what he loves best: make it funnier and more sexy.

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This cast of mostly unknowns was powerful in hindsight. Jason Patric starred alongside Kiefer Sutherland and the two Corey’s: Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Dianne Wiest, fresh from winning an Academy Award, was present. Hannah And Her SistersNot to mention Bill S. Preston himself Alex Winter

Then there’s Cappello. Although he only gets two minutes on screen, he makes a big impact. He’s oiled up and ferociously playing a saxophone-centric cover of “I Still Believe”The Call 

Schumacher is at its best. It’s over-the-top, sexually charged, and highly memorable even though it seems a bit absurd. Why was this movie able to use a solo macho sax? You would ask such a stupid question.

His cover appeared on the soundtrack and was incorporated into pop culture. Family GuyLater, the scene was mocked but the best parody must be from Saturday Night Live. The “I Still Believe” scene served as the main inspiration for one of the best digital shorts in the show’s history: Jon Hamm as Sergio in “The Curse.”

Who is Tim Cappello, the Real Person?

Cappello began his career touring with people like Peter Gabriel and Billy Crystal. In 1979, Cappello quit heroin and began to bodybuild. Cappello’s stature and muscles meant he could be paraded around the stage by Carly Simon. He was physically fit and was able to land roles. Lost Boys, Miami Vice Hearts of FireTo name just a few.

Tina Turner hired Cappello as her personal chef in 1984. You can hear him playing on numerous tracks. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome soundtrack. Later, he toured with Ringo Stern. It’s not too bad. 

What’s He Doing Today?

When he’s not appearing in Netflix series like Michelle Wolf: The BreakOder Worn StoriesCapello still makes music. He has also released an album. Blood on the ReedIn 2018. He’s an undercover legend who isn’t easily forgotten. It’s worth watching all of The Lost BoysYou should just go to him.

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