Area 51 Owner Says That FBI and Air Force Raided His Home


According to reports, a Nevada man who runs an Area 51 website claims that his home was recently raided by the FBI/Air Force.

Joerg Arnu runs a website called “Dreamland Resort,”This report focuses on Area 51, the state’s former top secret military base. He claimed that federal and military investigators raided his residences in an attempt to intimidate him. CBS News.

Arnu, who has a Las Vegas home, also has a Rachel home, which is near Area 51. He claimed that both properties were raided.

In a long statement to the Press on his WebsiteArnu stated, “Last week Thursday (11/3/22) in the early morning my homes in Rachel (just outside of Area 51) and in Las Vegas were searched by a joint force of FBI and AF OSI. This happened without any warning. The doors were broken open and I in Rachel and my girlfriend in our Las Vegas home were detained and treated in the most disrespectful way. My girlfriend was led out into the street barefoot and only in her underwear in full view of our neighbors; I was led outside, handcuffed and only in t-shirt and sweats in sub-freezing temperatures.

“Each home was searched by 15-20 agents in full riot gear, causing further damage in both homes besides the broken front doors. Despite my repeated requests for an explanation, I was only told that the search was related to images posted on my Area 51 web site.”

He claims he has $20,000 worth of equipment and $5,000 in damage to his homes.

“I believe the search, executed with completely unnecessary force by overzealous government agents, was meant as a message to silence the Area 51 research community,” Arnu added in his statement. “Now, the question is: Where will they go?”

Arnu did say on his website that “in an effort to defuse the situation I have removed some material from my Dreamland Resort web site although I believe that it was legally obtained and legal to publish. I am not sharing anything on my web site that cannot be found on dozens of other web sites and news outlet publications. Considering how this went down I have no intention of removing any more material unless ordered to do so by a federal judge.”

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to the FBI field office in Nevada and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations for comment on this story and has not heard back.

Arnu said on his website that he will take legal action for reimbursement of damages and try to get his equipment back.

Arnu has not been criminally charged.

In 2019, UFO enthusiasts vowed to storm into Area 51, Arnu led the local campaign to discourage the event, and even defended the Air Force’s need for some secrecy, 8 News Now reported.

Arnu also sent an email to the Associated Press and said, “I am not a spy. I and the vast majority of members of my web site support the military and we understand the need for secrecy to keep our country safe.”

Dreamland Resort was started by Arnu in 1999. The site includes videos from Area 51 and satellite images of the base. There are also discussion forums and articles on top-secret UFO projects. Fox News reported.

Inside Edition Digital reached Arnu for comment, but has not heard back.

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