Ariana Grande Allegedly Fired after a Single Season


Did The Voice kick Ariana GrandeOut after just one season? According to one tabloid, Grande couldn’t cut it on the singing competition. Here’s what we know about the “Just Look Up” singer’s departure from the show.

Ariana Grande gets the Boot

This week, National Enquirer reports Ariana Grande’s season of The VoiceThe show was unable to keep her on the air and she has been relegated. “Ariana has been a huge disappointment,”Insider’s view on the tabloid “She not only failed to make any difference to the ratings, she also failed to get anyone from her team into the finale! This isn’t food for someone earning as much money as she does.”

The magazine noted that high expectations were set for the latest season. Grande’s star power brought a lot of media attention to the show, but it doesn’t look like it really did anything for the ratings. “She certainly wasn’t the game-changer everyone hoped she would be,”The tipster dishes. The tipster dishes are delicious. “thank u, next” singer, who only took the gig because she couldn’t tour amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “Now that Ariana can go back on the road, she won’t be spinning around in a red chair again!”

Ariana Grande Was ‘Huge Disappointment’For ‘The Voice’?

This report is misleading. While it’s true Grande’s addition to the show didn’t exactly boost ratings — in fact, The show actually lost viewers in its 20th Season. — it’s no mystery why. The viewership of live TV has been decreasing for many years. What Grande did do is greatly boost the show’s presence on social media platforms, bringing millions of viewers to The Voice‘s YouTube channel. This just shows that even Ariana Grande cannot save cable. However, she undoubtedly brought attention to the show. That would be something the producers wouldn’t call “amazing.” “disappointment.”

Furthermore, we still don’t know for certain whether or not Grande will be back for the show’s 22nd season, but it never seemed like Grande planned to stick around. Grande’s post on Instagram to mark the season’s wrap certainly sounded like a farewell. “Thank you so sincerely for having me,”The song was written by the singer. “This was such an incredibly cherished experience. Every human that works so incredibly hard (quite literally nonstop) on this show has a permanent place in my heart.”

And as for the tabloid’s last claim that Grande would be “back on the road,” that doesn’t seem to be the case either. The singer hasn’t announced any tour dates, and given the progression of the Omicron COVID variant, we doubt she’s making any plans now. It seems like Grande’s time on The VoiceAlthough it was a wonderful experience, we doubt that anyone expected it would be a regular gig.

The Tabloid On ‘The Voice’

This is not the first time this has happened. National Enquirer Has spread misinformation about The Voice. The outlet reported that Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton were fighting on the show not long ago. The magazine also predicted that Grande would ultimately push Shelton from the show. The magazine reported that Shelton had forced the show’s cancellation of its spring season. Obviously, fans shouldn’t trust the Inquire For genuine updates The Voice