Arizona Fire Captain Creates Bulletproof Vests for Children as School Shootings Continue to Occur Across US


Phoenix Fire Captain Kevin Goodman is used to running into dangerous situations.

He thinks students shouldn’t have to be exposed to them, but as violence continues to plague schools across the U.S., Goodman said he realized something needed to be done.  

It’s why he founded Escape Armour, a company that sells bulletproof vests that can easily fit into backpacks.

“School shootings are happening and they are occurring more often than we think,” Goodman told KPHO. “And I just wanted to give people something that could actually make a difference. It is sad but we can’t pretend this is not happening. We prepare for other things. If you look at schools … We have fire drills and fire extinguishers in every classroom.

“This is also something that is a realistic threat … and we have to prepare for it,” he continued.

 The vests come in three sizes and range in price from $379 to $399. The smallest size weighs under three pounds.

The company also sells stand alone plates, which can be used to make backpacks and workbags bullet resistant. The range in price from $129 to $159.



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