Arizona Police Dog Bited by Rattlesnake while Practicing Drug-Sniffing Survives – Anti-Venom


A K9 officer is currently recovering from a bite by a rattlesnake. Deutz is a 2-yearold German Shepherd and works alongside Officer Thomas Scheurn, his human partner. 

Deutz was bitten while participating in a training exercise near the police department. Deutz was quickly taken to the vet for anti-venom. 

“We were walking around a vehicle, he was doing a mock drug sniff,” Scheurn told KPHO. “As we were walking around the vehicle Deutz basically started crying, and I looked down at his foot and saw a little bit of blood on the top of his foot.”

Deutz was quickly taken to the veterinarian for treatment of anti-venom. 

“He did quite well here at the hospital,” Dr. Ryan Reeves said. 

Before the bite, the K9 Officer had received a rattlesnake anti-venom vaccine. He is expected to fully recover. He has many supporters who wish him well as he recovers. 

“He’s 100% a part of the police department, I’ve received a multitude of text messages and calls inquiring about the status of Deutz, and how he’s feeling and it just goes to show how much people care about him and they love him,” Scheurn said.