Arizona Professor Suspected of Being Murdered by Ex-Student


An ex-grad student was allegedly barred from campus and is now suspected of shooting and murdering University of Arizona science professor Tom Meixner. 

University police received an urgent phone call on Wednesday afternoon stating that an ex-student was inside the building just after 2 p.m. The caller asked police to remove him, but shots were fired minutes later, before cops had arrived.

Meixner, 52 years old, was declared dead at a Tucson hospital. The entire campus was put on lockdown.

Murad Dievish, 46, was arrested 120 miles from campus three hours later. Inside Edition heard from his father that he was a dangerous man who has been arrested in the past.

This shooting on the Arizona campus follows the brutal stabbing death of a Purdue University student in Indiana’s dorm on Wednesday.

Jimmy Sha, a 20-year old Indianapolis student, was reported by Jimmy Sha to have called 911 to report the death of his roommate.

Cops believe it was the first Purdue University murder in over eight years.


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