Arizona’s Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum Now Offers EnChroma Eyeglasses to Colorblind Guests


The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum offers color accessibility.

EnChroma glasses help colorblind people experience vibrancy. They use light-filtering technology that helps those with red-green vision impairment.

Colorblind people only see 10 percent of the color spectrum. Many colors are difficult to distinguish between because they appear muted or dull. 

Bodhi and Sorin Wallace were two of the first to wear the glasses. Both brothers are colorblind which means that they have never seen all of their father’s paintings.

“We didn’t know that our sons were colorblind until more recently, so I’ve always been painting with bright colors and was surprised that they couldn’t see them like I can see them,” their father said.

Anybody can get the glasses. Although the exhibit is only open until January, the glasses are available for purchase.


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