Arkansas Burglary Suspect Escapes from Cops on Foot after Arriving at Court in Wheelchair


A sheriff’s deputy escorting a wheelchair-bound suspect into court wasn’t expecting him to get up and run, but it happened.

The Pulaski County Sheriff in Arkansas says Joel Sanchez Delgado faced multiple charges, including residential burglary and theft of services. He reportedly claimed during his arrest that he was injured and was brought to the hospital. 

He seemed to miraculously be able to walk away from the courthouse’s entrance. 

The deputy’s bodycam caught the whole incident and showed him chasing the suspect on foot. 

The deputy searched Little Rock’s streets looking for the suspect and even sought out help from the people walking by. The deputy circled back to courthouse in the hope that someone had seen the suspect. 

Delgado wasn’t gone for long, and the sheriff’s office says he was apprehended a few hours later. He now faces a third-degree escape charge. 

Delgado pleaded not guilty for all the charges against him