Aron Ralston, a ‘127 Hours’ climber, is he still alive today? Is he still climbing?


Many people might not be aware Aron Ralston’s name, but they do know his story. Ralston was the climber that inspired the movie. 127 Hours. He survived the ordeal, but where is Ralston today?

Aron Ralston’s Story

Ralston was attempting a solo descent of Bluejohn canyon in Utah, 2003. Ralston fell from the canyon’s wall after he had dislogged a boulder. Ralston was stuck in the canyon for five consecutive days. When he faced an impossible choice, he chose something very difficult.

Ralston fractured his own arm, and was able to amputate it with a dull pocket-knife. Ralston made it through the canyon with the remaining arm, rappelling down a 65-foot drop and hiking seven miles to safety.

Ralston’s story was brought to the big screen with the 2010 film 127 Hours. James Franco was the star of the film, and it was nominated to six Academy Awards. So what’s Ralston up to today?

What is he doing today?

Ralston is now a public speaker and gives speeches around the globe. He was most well-known for his 2007 speech at the Swiss Economic Forum. Ralston shares his personal story and how he overcame the obstacles. 

“We get to choose to make it into a tragedy or to use it as maybe an opportunity for transformation, even triumph in the end,” Ralston spoke in an interview with The Yakima Herald-Republic. “The mindset we take around when something happens can largely determine the outcome of it.”

Ralston Still Climbs

Ralston also climbs often. He has climbed Mount Rainier and Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan and other mountains in the Pacific Northwest over the years. According to Yakima Herald-Republic, “he’s still the only person to have reached the top of all 59 named Colorado mountains above 14,000 feet on solo winter climbs.”

Two years after his accident, the last of these climbs took place in 2005. Ralston has made some changes to his climbing style. Ralston could have been killed if he hadn’t told anyone where he was, and if he didn’t have any communication devices. Today, he keeps his family updated and always brings a personal beacon beacon with him to help send out an SOS when something happens. 

“I think if you’d told me, ‘this is going to happen, Aron,’ I think I would have said, ‘OK, well, that’s a little bit too far,’”Ralston shared. “That’s again, this beauty of when that crisis, when that trauma happens, you get to find out and I sit here today, almost 19 years later and I know what I would do if that were to happen.”

Ralston’s story has inspired many over the years, and as he continues to share his journey with the public, the climber continues to spread optimism to people around the world.

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