Arsenal hero Andrey Arshavin stood up to his teammate to stop him from ‘playacting’


A respectful handshake, a team bundle, a good trample on your teammate’s ribs; goal celebrations have certainly evolved over the years.

For all footballers on the planet, this is not a sight that you will see. The ex-Gunner, a legend in Premier League football, is well-known for his dynamism as well as his brutal four goal Anfield victory against Liverpool. However, he did not live up to his promise.

Vladimir Bystrov, his Zenit St Petersburg teammate and Russia teammate may have a slightly different memory of the now-retired ace. And that is because Arshavin celebrated Bystrov’s fine goal against CSKA Moscow in 2012 by standing directly on his ribs.

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Bystrov got down and scored a superb diving header to give Zenit a lead in a chaotic top of table clash. The goal came at the half-way mark of the second half. It was not the right time to celebrate, but it did not require a pair of studs.

Arshavin would likely have given his marching orders to any opposition player on the pitch. While there was no malice, we think, to Arshavin’s challenge, it can certainly be filed under the strange celebrations category.

And the former Premier League star’s explanation for his celebration raised further eyebrows. “Well, he was writhing and I wanted him to stop,”Arshavin stated this in an interview following the game.

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Arshavin is fondly remembered in the Premier League
The Premier League remembers Arshavin fondly

Arshavin said that Bystrov was pretending to be injured and playacting. Arshavin, and Bystrov had both been wrong. Bystrov was actually hurt.

However, the incident was a laughing matter for the manager, players, and club. Arshavin was also able to get himself on the scoresheet, sealing a win of 2-0 for Bystrov.

Zenit was essentially on second place with CSKA Moscow, which is 14 points ahead at the top.