Artem Chigvintsev & Nikki Bella Have Officially Set a Date for a Wedding


Given that dance is what brought them together, Nikki said that she is feeling the pressure to perfect Artem’s first dance.  

“I literally was telling Artem the other day, I go, ‘You need to start to choreograph it now because I want all summer to learn it so when we go in and do it, I know it like that, on the back of my hand. Easy.'”She spoke. “But I need to start now.” 

E! asked Nikki to exclusively tell her story about the almost two-year-old engagement she and Artem had back in February. News’ Daily Pop that her opinion on marriage had shifted following the birth of their son, MatteoIn July 2020.

“Once I had Matteo and I started to raise him, I was like, when I say ‘I do,’ I want to make sure it’s forever,”Nikki spoke at the time. “I know there are things that Artem wants too—like, he really wants his parents there—but also, overall, I don’t want my son to go through a divorce.” 

Plus, she shared that her and Artem were perfectly happy together as they were—no marriage license needed. “Already what we have going on in our house right now is amazing,” Nikki said. “It’s pretty much like a married life.”

Enjoy these sweet moments from Nikki and Artem ahead of their big day.