As a result of a stray firework, a grieving woman loses her home


Two months ago, a widowed pensioner lost her husband and was devastated. She was forced to leave her home by a stray firework.

Pauline Perry (75), was at her residence when she heard the patio doors creak on Friday “popping”She was struck by the large fire in her back yard.

The pensioner had not realized that a firework had crashed into her back garden, setting fire to her rattan furniture. Liverpool ECHO reports

Pauline ran to the rescue, trying to move furniture to stop the fire spreading. But this only brought the flame into her living room where it quickly took control.

Fire crews reportedly rushed to the scene but by the time they arrived Pauline says she had already "lost everything"
Pauline states that although fire crews were quick to respond, Pauline had already left the scene. “lost everything”

The woman was saved by horrified neighbors who saw the flames coming from her house in Norris Green (Leeds).

Pauline states that although fire crews were quick to respond, Pauline had already left the scene. “lost everything”.

Pauline, her husband Tony Perry and she had moved six years earlier from the Midlands.

Tony was hospitalized with sepsis two months prior to his death.

Neighbor Steve Finley shared his story The ECHOPauline is just beginning to adjust to her new life after the loss of Tony.

He also said that the blaze feels almost like it is. “no justice”After a horrible year, this is for the woman.

Following the tragedy, members of Pauline's community have rallied together in a bid to raise money for the widow
Pauline’s friends rallied to support her widow after the tragedy.

Pauline’s friends rallied around to help the widow after the tragedy.

Alistair Smith lives in a nearby street and started a GoFundMe Page late last night, after hearing the extent the damage to Pauline’s house.

He spoke to the ECHO and said: “We’re hoping to raise some money in the community just to help her through it all – every little helps.”

Steve, 68 said that the local community is “great” and they’re all just doing what “normal people would do”.

Since launching the fundraiser last night, the Norris Green community has raised £1,350 and is still growing.

The target has been set at £2,500 but Steve said anything that is raised would be “brilliant”.

Pauline needs your help. Here.

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