As bitter rivalry for the World Cup continues, Neymar targets Argentina and Lionel Messi.


After their win in the Finalissima at Wembley Stadium Wednesday, Neymar took aim against Argentina and PSG clubmate Lionel Messi.

Messi led his country to victory over European Champions Italy with goals by Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria, and Paulo Dybala. However, Messi was named man for the match after providing two assists.

Argentina has only the second trophy they have ever managed to win in 29 years. Despite the game feeling a little pre-season, the players made the most out of this rare moment of victory.

Neymar, however, wasn’t impressed and started to make fun of Messi and Co. after footage of their celebrations began going viral online.

“Have they won the World Cup?”Neymar made sarcastic posts on Instagram.

Brazil’s rivalry with Argentina is as old as football itself and is steeped in tension and fierce competitiveness, so it’s little surprise to see the talisman of the Seleção throwing pot-shots their neighbour’s way, but the fact that his teammate – and by all accounts close personal friend – Messi was at the centre of all the jubilation has raised a few eyebrows.

To be considered as great, does Messi have to win the World Cup? Comment below to let us know your opinion.

Neymar was unimpressed with Argentina's celebrations after victory in the Finalissima
Neymar wasn’t impressed by Argentina’s celebrations following victory in Finalissima

It doesn’t matter if Neymar was being genuinely vitriolic, it’s always entertaining to see rivalries intensify before the World Cup which officially begins in November.

Emi Martinez, Argentina and Aston Villa goalkeeper insists that Argentina will be “one of the favourites”Qatar has Messi, despite their poor performance in Russia four years ago.

Neymar and Messi have been close friends ever since their time together at Barcelona
Since their time together in Barcelona, Messi has been close to Neymar.

“We always will be one of the favourites for the World Cup, because we have the best player in the world and we will all fight like lions for him.”

Messi, however, has indicated that he will be retiring from international football in the middle of the year regardless of how things go in Qatar.

“After the World Cup, I don’t know, I’m going to have to rethink a lot of things. Surely many things will change.”

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