As Hermes driver unlocks her front door, Mum is shocked to see the parcel being thrown in.


After discovering that a Hermes driver had entered her front door, a mum was shocked to discover that the driver had placed her parcel inside.

Hartlepool, County Durham woman said that the driver tried to knock on the door, but got no response.

According to reports, the driver took a photo of the parcel and opened the door. He then sent it to the woman to prove delivery. Teeside Live.

Hermes stated that the driver’s behavior was unacceptable. “not acceptable”And he was spoken to.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, stated that her partner was always there for nights. He was in bed in the front room.

Mum left gobsmacked as Hermes driver opens her front door to throw parcel inside
This is his proof of delivery

“He heard someone knock at the door. Next thing he knows, he heard the door open and a parcel being flung in.”

The woman claimed that she believed her partner was exaggerating.

She checked her email and saw that the driver had sent the proof.

The mom added: “He opened the door, took a photo and just flung the parcel. I didn’t think they were allowed to do that!”

According to the woman, she did not know the driver and had never made arrangements for deliveries with the company.

She stated that she would have been. “a bit scared”If she were on her own, but, “probably would have said something”.

This happened after an earlier driver, who couldn’t get to her, knocked on the gate and left their parcel behind.

A friend also told her that she had a similar experience. She said that a delivery driver handed her a package inside her home while she sat down on the sofa with her cup of tea.

According to her, Hermes has not received a formal complaint from the company.

Hermes spokesperson: “We have raised this with the local team who have spoken to the courier involved.

“It is clearly not acceptable and we will ensure it does not happen again.”

The news comes after another Hermes driver hit headlines last month after they left a ‘signed for’ package worth £100 in the bin.

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