As locals are stunned by the sight, shark species were photographed swimming in UK city harbour.


Sam Booth and her son took amazing photographs of the long-nosed shark swimming in the Barbican.

Residents who saw the shark while walking through the British port city waters captured incredible images.

Sam Booth and James Booth were strolling along the Barbican in Plymouth with their son James when they saw the magnificent creature swimming by.

Residents who have spoken with Plymouth LiveThe creature was believed to be a starry smooth hound, a species of shallow-water shark.

Sam was amazed at the sighting of the shark, and described it as “amazing.” “cool”.

Sam and her son took amazing photographs of the long-necked shark, swimming along the water’s surface, with white speckles running along its back.

Local fisherman for 16 years believed that the sea creature was a smooth hound shark.

They said it was rare to see in Plymouth waters.

“They tend to stay up on the surface for a while before they go back under properly,” the fisherman added.

“I’ve fished the harbour 16 years, and have never seen one catch in it before.”

Other locals captured photos and videos of the beautiful creature swimming in Sutton Harbour and shared it on social media for people to see.

People shared the post asking whether it had “Escape” from the National Marine Aquarium.

Others were trying to identify what it was.

A year ago on April 19, it was reported a porbeagle shark was spotted in Plymouth marina.

Footage was taken two days prior, showing the shark thrashing around in the marina.

In July last year there was more footage of a porbeagle playing underneath a small fishing boat.

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