As She Praises Dakota Johnson Drew Barrymore makes ‘dig’ at Ellen DeGeneres


Actress Drew Barrymore tells Fifty Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson how she handled talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘lies’ were ‘extraordinary.

Scream actress Drew Barrymore has appeared to dig at chat show host Ellen DeGeneres while praising Dakota Johnson.

Discussing that awkward interview in which Ellen accused Dakota of lying about not inviting her to her birthday, Drew told the actress the way she handled things was ‘amazing.’

Fifty Shades of Grey’s Dakota, 32, opened up about the testy exchange on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Drew jokingly told the actress: “People have gotten in trouble for claiming not being invited to your parties.

“That was amazing, by the way,” the ET star added, which sent the audience wild. “Like, amazing.”

In the cringe-worthy interview, Dakota is blindsided by Ellen, who implies she was left off the star’s birthday guest list.

“How was the party? I wasn’t invited.” Ellen says.

Dakota answers: “Actually, you know that’s not the truth, Ellen, you were invited.

Dakota then reminds the comedian this isn’t the first time she’s given her a “bunch of s**t” about not being invited to one of her parties.

“But I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited,” The High Note star says.

Ellen replies: “Well, who wouldn’t want to be invited to a party?”

As the cringe factor goes up a notch, Dakota says: “Well, I didn’t even know you liked me.”

Ellen answers: “Of course I like you. You knew I liked you. You’ve been on the show many times, and don’t I show… like?”

Dakota replied nonchalantly: “You do. But I did invite you, and you didn’t come so…”

Ellen then demands proof, to which Dakota quips: “Ask everybody. Ask Jonathan, your producer. Yeah, he’s right there.”

Ellen suggests the party “was probably in Malibu,” adding, “That’s too far for me to go to. No, I think I do remember I was invited – thank you.”

After 19 seasons on air, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will end next year following numerous allegations regarding a toxic workplace.

Announcing an episode of her show last month, Ellen said, “My instinct told me it’s time.”

She also claimed that her decision about pulling the plug on her show was made before her bullying scandal, saying she chose the end date two years earlier when she signed her final contract.

However, fellow talk show star Rosie O’Donnell recently shared her opinions on the rumors and speculation regarding the presenting veteran’s decision to end her reign as Queen of daytime TV.

Talking on The Jess Cagle Show, the 59-year-old likened Ellen’s experience to her own in the past and admitted she was “glad” that the star was “going to be finished.”

“I have an understanding of the cycle of show business, and kind of what happens in people’s careers, and when enough is enough.

“But it was a lot of things, and it was complicated, and I’m glad that she’s, you know, going to be finished, and she can get some time to herself.”

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