As Some Reports Search Hours and Different States, Baby Formula Shortage grows


The White House promised it’s working hard to solve the national baby formula shortage. But for families with newborn babies and infants, a solution can’t come soon enough.

People are becoming more desperate as caregivers and parents get to the end of their formula supplies.

Gina Cheeseman (from Sound Beach, New York) drove hours looking for formula with her son. She discovered a lot of empty shelves.

“This is a nightmare,”She said.

Cheeseman is just one of many people who are obsessed with finding baby formula. Many have taken to social media to share their frustration with the shortages they’re dealing with.

As the search for the perfect formula seems to never end, tensions and emotions run high. Most merchants cannot say more than that they have to deal with back orders and shortages. Some stores limit the amount of formula that can be purchased because inventory is so low.

When Kayzie Weedman was unable to find formula, she fed her baby cow’s milk. She then learned her baby, Palmer, is apparently allergic to cow’s milk and broke out in a painful rash.

“What are we gonna do? How are formula moms gonna feed their kids?”She was curious.

Inside Edition heard from another mother that she sought the help of relatives in Wyoming, North Dakota and Texas to find formula. “Luckily we got two cans out of all of those states,”She said.

Then, she found someone to sell formula online at a high markup. “There is a special place in hell for someone like this,”She said.

Mothers are taking action to help others by pumping more breast milk and donating milk banks. According to the New York Milk Bank, there has been a 10% increase of breast milk donated. However, more mothers are needed.

The milk is pasteurized before being bottled. It is then shipped to hospitals or mothers who can’t breastfeed or are out of formula.