Ashley Cain’s nan dies seven month after Azaylia died.


Ashley Cain revealed that his beloved Nan has passed away.

MTV’s Ex on the Beach actress, who was previously on MTV, visited Instagram on Sunday to share the devastating news with his social media fans.

He paid tribute. “strong”grandmother, announcing that she will be “happy”to be reunited his daughter Azaylia.

After a battle with rare forms of leukaemia, Azaylia, eight-month-old, tragically passed away in April.

He shared a photo of his nan and his daughter. The reality star at 30 wrote: “While I was away I got the devastating news that my Grandma had sadly passed away and joined the angels in paradise.

Ashley Cain
Ashley Cain revealed that his beloved Nan has passed away

“Grandma Cain you created a great, strong, successful and respectful family from nothing but hard work, tough love and good blood.

“We will all miss you. Take care of my little angel in heaven, I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you again.”

Ashley’s post was unsurprisingly inundated with message of support from friends and fans.

One fan penned: “Sorry for your loss.

Ashley Cain grandmother
Ashley shared the news by sharing a picture of his grandmother holding Azayla.

An additional: “I’m sorry for your loss but I’m sure you’re finding some comfort that your grandma is finding her way to your little girl.”

A third person is posted: “Sorry for you loss. I hope this brings you some comfort knowing that your Grandma will be looking after your princess.”

Baby Azaylia, who had been fighting acute myeloidleukaemia throughout her entire life, died on April 24, 2021.

She spent her final weeks with her father and mum Safiyyaa vorajee, filling their lives with love and joy.

Azaylia passed away at just eight months old in April
Azaylia died in April at eight months of age.

Dwayne Johnson got in touch with Azaylia to tell his story.

Blackpool Tower and Niagara Falls were two of the many landmarks that she lit orange to her honor. She was also nominated for a Pride Of Britain Award.

Ashley and Safiyya raised more than £1.5million to fund a trip to Singapore for a life-saving transplant for Azaylia and encouraged more than 100,000 people to join the stem cell register.

They were unable to provide treatment for their daughter and have since established the Azaylia foundation to help families who are raising funds to pay for the treatments.

Ashley became famous on MTV’s Ex on the Beach. Ashley also participated in the 33rd season on reality game show The Challenge.

He has also worked as a model for brands such Kalibre Clothing, The Couture Club and others.

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