Ashley Judd reveals that she broke her leg while mourning Naomi’s death


Ashley JuddShe is in mourning for her mother Naomi JuddOne day at time,’s death 

The Double Jeopardy actress revealed that she fractured her leg in a “freak accident”This summer, her mother committed suicide just months before she died. 

“It was what it was,” she said Oct. 27 while appearing on Zoom opposite UCLA professor Dr. Jonathan Flint as part of an Open Mind lecture, per The Hollywood Reporter. “Clumsiness is associated with grief, and there were other people in our family, after mom died, who fell down stairs and had accidents, and that’s just what mine happened to look like.”

Ashley, 54, said that her leg injury—a femoral condyle fracture—came less than two years after she injured it by tripping over a fallen tree during a hiking excursion in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She broke her leg in four places at the time. This led to a stressful rescue and a long recovery.

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